And breathe…….

Rushing through the vast amount of people through the London Underground, bleak, grey, dirty and feeling like a rabbit in a warren. 

How did I get to accumulate so many bags anyway???? 

The logistics of a suitcase, backpack and two other bags and hoards of hurried people and small spaces just don’t seem to work!!

Arrived. Paddington.  My head feels like it’s about to implode from the external auditory input. 

Noises everywhere, overhead tannoy, train engines, voices, phones, chatter.

Fortunately cool, easy tunes at Pret are settling the senses, good coffee and a ginger shot, iPad on table and brain buzzing with plans, ideas, projects and of course excitement to get back to see my gorgeous family and dogs after being away for 7 days. 5 of which were training. 

I have to journal these thoughts and ideas now while they are fresh. 

 Set my goals and strategies to get them into place, at some point. No rush. Nurture them. Let them grow and flourish.

Done. Mission completed.

Back on track, pardon the pun, and feeling calm. 

Meditation practice is allowing me to stay in my own little bubble amongst the crowds and noise. Something several years back I am not so sure I would of done. I have meditated on and off for as many years as I can remember, but over the last few years more often, than not. 

I love how I can just tap into that delicious feeling as soon as I know a situation could be challenging, or noise becomes too much, or you feel the anxiety of those around you. Being able to put your self into this little pod of peace, creating the feeling you desire amongst mayhem is pretty cool, for those of you that do you will agree the deliciousness of this feeling.

I know, from many of my clients and friends,  that this is something some of you struggle with, yet something that is so needed in this modern life with so much pressure and demands.

I urge you all to find your true potential, find the peace in your life, the quietness away from the noise in your head. 

The bubble of yumminess.

Your entire systems will love you for it.

So will everyone around you!

Have a wonderful week everyone.

Much love

Sue ❤️

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