Pilates on the Roller

Lying on your roller, make sure that the whole length of your spine including the head, is fully supported and central on the roller. Feet hip width apart, and hands on the floor to start. Remember the closer the hands to the sides of the roller the more challenging it will be for your balance. Stop if you feel sick, dizzy or out of control. 

NEVER work through pain, remember pain is a warning signal, listen to your body!!

Focus on your principles, relax and focus your breath, allow the body and mind to prepare and spine and muscles to ease out and lengthen along the roller. Keep your breath fluid throughout the exercises.

Try lifting one arm by your side and notice how the obliques fire up as they try to maintain full stability to the torso and pelvis.

Place that arm down and repeat on the other arm, notice the difference of how the muscles feel and switch to support the spine and pelvis with a different movement pattern.

After a few attempts, try both arm raised, keep them level with your hips.

Keeping the hands down on the floor, lift one foot just marginally off the floor, place that foot down and repeat on the other leg, again notice the connection of the muscles and if one side feels more challenging to the other.

Try lifting opposite arm and leg, keep the head down and stay relaxed through the shoulders,neck and breath, stay central, limiting the rotation through the body, but notice there will be an energy change to the supporting side so you can have freedom of movement in the moving side.

Watch that the supporting leg does not push out or in.

Keep the alignment through out, but remember when you are moving one leg or arm,that one side will stabilize and the other side should have the freedom to move, do not grip or add tension to the moving side.

Finally, you can try same arm and leg lift… this is much more challenging one side to the other!

Again, keep stability through out, try not to side bend in the body, keep the length in your waist.

Good luck and let me know how you get on with this one X

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