IMG_3365This summer I set up an online class sessions for my clients, as I take the month of August off, to regroup, plan and chill!!

the program consisted of four 30 minutes sessions live, with different a focus on each class.

session 1- belt/straps /towels workout

session 2- spinal articulation

session 3- legs and butt

session 4- arms and abs

on top of this I added bonus sessions, tips, meditations, massage techniques  and quotes

its now coming towards the end of the August program, and its been lovely to stay connected to those who chose to join me. I will be running more programs like this, if you are interested in working out from the comfort of your own home and would like to join a similar program in the future .

Maybe you would like to have one-to-one FaceTime/Skype sessions -please get in touch, where ever you or they are in the world.

I would love to work with you

feel free to share this page if there is someone you know who may benefit.

have a peaceful day 💕🌞





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