juicy inspiration

Generally when I juice, I just grab whatever is around, I make it up. It works pretty well and I genuinely like what I am tasting. I am not one for measuring, weighing or being precise when it comes to cooking or juicing. I like to experiment and just see what flavours I can make. NO RULES!

However being inspired by my client Lynda, who is a complete advocate to healthy living, I tried some recipes from Deliciously Ella,  I really love her books and now have them all.  but true to my own laziness or creativity, not sure which, maybe a bit of both!

I look at what she uses and then just add it in random proportions to what my gut is telling me, and throw it in. These 2 are a great summer cooling blend, and worth a try!

I really love the way juicing makes me feel. It really is an instant “hallelujah” song of rejoicing from my deeper inner self. I feel instantly more alive and my gut feels satisfied.

Whose juice recipes inspire you?

and how does it make YOU feel?



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