November Term

November Term, an enriched program of Mind, Body, Soul with its influences being about embodiment, feeling, sensing, awakening, somatic and interoception.

Interoception– defined as the internal state of the body. It encompasses the brain’s process of integrating signals relayed from the body allowing for nuanced representation of the physiological state of the body. Why is this important? For maintaining homeostatis in the body and potentially facilitating self awareness. Misrepresentations of internal states, disconnection, have been suggested to underlie anxiety and depression.

When you can experience your body, everything can fall into place from movement itself, clarity of thought, personal relationships, releasing tensions emotional and physical. This topic alone can send me off into a whole realm of topics and discussions hence why I am opening up the ABC to Wellbeing Program to help you create, experience and understand it in an embodied sense. This course will be so valuable and life changing and even enabling you to get even more joy, peace, ease and flow out of everyday life, work, relationships to self and others, including seeing more depth into our monthly programs. So please register your interest, maybe even receive the ABC Wellbeing program for a gift for YOU or a loved one, friend for Christmas!

Anyway, back to November, 😊, the nights are drawing in, so being mindful of the season, and circadian rhythms the evening sessions will be gentle or strength based but with both you will be winding down early and having 15 minutes of relaxation/meditation to settle energies and the parasympathetic nervous system into a rested state, perfect to release the days stress and prepare the body and mind for goodnights sleep. Remember to follow this through with switching off gadgets well before bedtime, choosing your lights for your house to be soft and warm not harsh lights as this messes up the circadian rhythm , eat earlier in the evening, avoid stress provoking situations, news and TV will also help.

Thursday Barre is back! use a table, worktop, window ledge or even a wall. A whole body standing push, pull, arc and curl for the most beautiful sensory stretch session , In my opinion.😊

Please share the program so others can join us and benefit and feel the best they can be, everyday !

Have a wonderful day

much love Sue 🌟🙏🏼🤍


November Term

November Term fee, please follow up with email to show payment if you are new. Thank you

50.00 £

7 thoughts on “November Term

  1. Would like to book in for November. How do I join? Is it done via Zoom?
    Can you do it at different times of the day or is it the set time on the time table?
    Sorry for the questions! 😂


    1. hi Jane, thank you for getting in touch.
      To join, the new zoom link is issued to you once payment is received. and then you will also have access to the SGP ONLINE STUDIO FaceBook group for that month.
      The live sessions are at the times shown on the timetable but you can log into the private members Facebook group and do any of the selected recorded classes whenever you want that fits into your schedule, making it super easy and flexible. A selection of new sessions are added every week as well as the 80 already in the library. Please let me know if you have any more queries
      thank you Sue 🙏🏼 I hope you will join us ❤️


  2. Where would I start if I am a complete beginner to Garuda and Pilates though I do a lot of core work? Do you do beginner sessions in your FB videos? Garuda is what I am interested in.
    Thank you


  3. Hi Vicki
    I would love to chat to you and explain how it works and get to know you. I teach in a way that is welcoming to all. Please leave me an email addi on
    I would love you to join us x


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