Express Sessions

Exciting news!!! I am adding express sessions to the timetable and recorded library.

This means there are sessions, mostly, but not exclusively, 15 minutes so you can fit them easier into your busy schedules. Sometimes finding an extra hour can feel too demanding on the already stressful demands of our day. So you can be guilt free and jump straight on in for a 15 minute session :

weighted workout, Cardio Crush, Ab-tastic, Barre, Leg & Butt, Breathe and Calm, Meditate, Self massage releases for shoulders, necks etc, Stretch and Release,

As an integral teacher they will be drawn in from many practices- Yoga, STOTT Pilates, GARUDA, Franklin Method, Bodywork, coming at it from an integral approach of Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit, so much more than just movement. Please see the timetable below for regular live zoom sessions.

You also have the recorded library of over 300 sessions on the private Facebook members page , that keeps growing!!!

Something for everyone, including specialist sessions.

So why not join us, feel the difference, be the difference, live the difference.

I look forward to see you!

if you would like more information please get in touch

Love Sue xx

SGP_ Sense Greater Peace through Soul Gratifying Practices

  • Monday 9:30am Power 45
  • Tuesday 7am Yoga Flow
  • Wednesday 8am Pilates & Props
  • Wednesday 7pm Pilates/Garuda & Chill
  • Thursday 7am Yoga Calm
  • Thursday 9:30am Pilates Mat
  • Friday 9:30am Garuda Flow
  • Friday 10:45am Restorative Reset
    • PLUS
  • Monthly Bonus sessions and express sessions

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