Green “Summer Cool Breeze” Juice by SGPilates

For a delicious green, creamy and fresh juice you may want to try this one out. I often just throw together what ingredients I have and mix the flavours of what I love and this little combo works a refreshing tasty treat!!! this will serve 2 all ingredients are organic for a super healthy and tasty … Continue reading Green “Summer Cool Breeze” Juice by SGPilates

Nutritious, Yummy and Quick Lunch

Are you always in a rush? Like healthy foods, that are tasty and colourful?  Long stem broccoli spears, Chunky slices of Romano Pepper 🌶 Shiitake Mushrooms, whole Piccolo tomatoes 🍅  Pine nuts Chilli flakes 🌶 Spiralised courgettes, 🥒 Stir fry!  Ta-da!!!! Easy -peasy, quick and tasty!!! Enjoy 💕

Pilates on the Roller

Lying on your roller, make sure that the whole length of your spine including the head, is fully supported and central on the roller. Feet hip width apart, and hands on the floor to start. Remember the closer the hands to the sides of the roller the more challenging it will be for your balance. Stop if … Continue reading Pilates on the Roller

So what does practice do within our brains to make us better at things?

 Mastering any physical skill, takes practice. Practice is the repetition of an action with the goal being improvement. Allowing us to perform with more ease, speed and confifidence. So what does practice do within our brains to make us better at things? Find out here.... Another "must watch" from the brilliant TED-Ed

How Stress Affects The Brain

I urge you all to watch this wonderful, clear and informative and beautifully made Ted-ex video clip explaining what happens when you are stressed. Controlling your emotions can help you reduce the cortisol in the body, and good news Pilates and especially combined with the Mindful and Meditation class are perfect for this! Reducing stress helps […]