WHAT do we do more than anything else in our life?


What if we learn to breathe better? maybe we can learn to
release tension, stress, tight musculature, of the neck and back, emotional tension, maybe we could improve the pelvic floor, spinal movement, digestive problems, and generally just feel a whole lot better!

⭐️Would you want that for yourself?⭐️
in this workshop we will

Experience the diaphragm

Learn to embody the design of our breathing anatomy

Tone the diaphragm and relax it

understand the link with breathing, abdominals, pelvic floor

relax the neck

Better breathing equals a calmer mental state, increases energy levels, improve heart and lungs, digestion, ease spine, neck and its musculature.
and more importantly how we experience life.

💕Better Breath Equals Better Life💕.

come and join me for this breathing workshop, we will finish the session with a focused meditation on what you have learnt. so bring a blanket and a mat if you have one and a pillow if you chose.

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