“Sue’s broad knowledge in fitness, anatomy, physiology and bodywork treatments makes her tailor-made sessions dynamic, intuitive, integrative and rewarding. She is extremely approachable, fun and empathic which makes training an absolute joy as well as “to the point!””

Mind Body Integral Training

Everyone is different, everyone’s experiences are unique, and everyone’s life lessons are a whole dynamic of different circumstances weaved to create entirely different perspectives, emotions and patterns.

Sue works on all levels when training her clients, that is what makes her sessions so unique and rewarding, you cant help but feel inspired and amazing on all levels.

“Every one of us is special.
Every one of us has the right to feel amazing.
To give to others makes us feel good, as well as making others feel good too.              Lets start something – starting with you!”

Health & Fitness Industry

Associations & Accreditations

  • STOTT PILATES ® Fully certified Instructor
  • Franklin Method Educator
  • Garuda Matwork
  • Garuda Barre
  • Garuda Equipment
  • Garuda Brick
  • Garuda Seated/Standing
  • Meditation Teacher
  • Sound Healing Academy
  • British Sound Academy Training ( in training)
  • Healthy HIT Pilates (Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute)
  • Modern Pilates
  • Matwork and Equipment, Group and Personal Training
  • Rehab to Athletic Conditioning
  • FK Pro Suspension Training and FKPRO Teacher Trainer
  • Rock Tape Kinesiology 1 & 2
  • Pathway to Yoga
  • Fitness Yoga
  • Exercise and Fitness Knowledge
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Advanced Flexibility Training
  • Tye 4 Certified
  • YMCA Resistance & Circuit Training
  • RSA Exercise to Music
  • Professional Bodyworker and Reiki Master
    • Deep Tissue Massage, Thai Massage, Thai Foot Massage, Reflexology,
    • Vertical Reflexology, Seated Acupressure, Indian Head Massage, 
    • Integrated Tool Release and Swedish Massage

Sue has been a full-time professional in the health and fitness industry since 1990 and has experience of working in many prestigious health clubs and venues:

  • The Bristol Old Vic Theatre School (2002 – 2018)
  • Bristol Rugby (2017)
  • The Actors Workshop  as a Guest Presenter and Weekly Program(present)
  • Walnut Grove Osteopath Clinic (2010 – 2017)
  • Professional Athlete Training – various venues
  • Presentations/ Workshops – various locations
  • SG Pilates – private Studio
  • the club at Cadbury House – Double Tree Hilton (present)
  • Redwood Lodge
  • David Lloyd in London and Bristol.

Professional achievements

Sue has given expert talks and classes at corporate health days and several team-building events around the UK.

Professional achievements include:

  • Being a meditation teacher for Insight Timer
  • Running my own Retreats for the last 11 plus years
  • Created a program for Pilates teaches on suspension straps currently being launched
  • Presented Sessions to Yoga and Pilates Organised Weekends
  • Running workshops on embodied anatomy for teachers, physios, doctors and clients
    • and way back….
  • Medallist in UK Open and British Nationals Aerobics Championships
  • Warm-up Representative for Reebok Sisters Run, London
  • Fitness Demo Promotions for Olympus and various Sports Clubs in London
  • Fitness promotion to launch of the Ford Mondeo at Dagenham, Essex
  • Various TV Appearances
  • Display to Launch Video for Cher’s Personal Trainer

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Lets start something – starting with you!

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