My story…

Fitness has always been a major part of my life.

My passion in life it to let people know that they have the tools within them to help themselves.

I totally believe, that the way we live our lives and how we think and feel has a direct impact on our health and physical wellbeing. The brain and the body are not disconnected, so it makes complete sense that my life journey has led me to teach people how to look after their body, mind and spirit and enable them to develop a stronger, fitter body and mind for a better, healthier way of living.

In 1990 I began working in the fitness industry and became a medallist in the UK Open Aerobic Championship and the British Nationals. At the age of 37 I completed my first triathlon – and several weeks later broke my neck in a car accident – this is when things radically changed for me and led me to teach more Pilates than I was originally teaching and to teach less of the impact work I was totally into at that time. Even having to leave my successful bodywork business at that time due to the pressure it put on my neck. I was suffering immense neck and should pain and was totally restricted in my neck movement due to all the metal work and bone fusion, but I was still as determined as ever and I rehabilitated myself with Pilates and mental visualisations for healing plus body work.

Many years on, I had labral tear in my hip joint , from an accident, I kept collapsing,  and instead of opting for surgery I rehabbed myself, I lost a lot of movement and flexibility at that point and have worked hard to build back support  in the right places and get a lot of my range back.  Menopause hit me badly, changing my weight dramatically and causing my bones and joints to hurt, damn that!!!!!!

I  DO have to listen to my body, as I always encourage my clients too, as we can feel and move differently from moment to moment let alone day to day. And that’s where we learn to move intelligently with our bodies and mind. Everyones architecture is varied and we have to respect that and ourselves  and learn to be kind to ourselves when things change and not get frustrated, that is definitely not helpful.

So here we are, 30 years on in my teaching and coaching career,  I am still as passionate and in love with what I am able to do to empower people to achieve their goals in movement and in life.

 We work together – always – Let’s do this together.

Let me help you figure out what works for you, whether that is freer movement, achieving goals, feeling more positive, empowering you to move forward and how to make that experience joyous. To be able to smile and have fun while you learn is imperative. So relax, smile, be curious, learn, embody and move freely through this funny little thing called LIFE.

‘Be YOU’


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