My story…

Fitness has always been a major part of my life. My passion in life it to let people know that they have the tools within them to help themselves.

I totally believe, that the way we live our lives has a direct impact on our health and physical wellbeing. The brain and the body are not disconnected, so it makes complete sense that my life journey has led me to teach people how to look after their body, mind and spirit and enable them to develop a stronger, fitter body and mind for a better, healthier way of living.

In 1990 I began working in the fitness industry and became a medallist in the UK Open Aerobic Championship and the British Nationals. And at the age of 37 I completed my first triathlon – and that very same year broke my neck in a car accident – this is when things radically changed for me and led my path to Pilates.

I was suffering immense neck and should pain and was totally restricted in my movement, but still as determined as ever I rehabilitated myself with Pilates, received regular massages, cranial sacral therapy and acupuncture. Experiencing the power of Pilates for myself, I put all my energies and passion into teaching the method.

Pilates has enabled me to remain active and a few years ago I travelled to Alaska with a group of fitness enthusiasts I had never met, for two weeks of hiking, mountain climbing, ice climbing, kayaking, bear spotting, camping and many more amazing days of fun. I have such beautiful memories of spending my time with the most beautiful people, that trip will always hold a special place in my heart.

 We work together – always – Let’s do this together.

Let me help you figure out what works for you when you exercise and how to make that experience joyous. To be able to smile and have fun while you learn is imperative. So lets relax, smile, be curious, listen to our bodies, and work well, more freely.

‘Be the body you were designed to be’


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