“we carry inside us the wonders we seek outside us” RUMI

Breathe & Nourish Meditation

“When will you begin that long journey into yourself? ” RUMI

Your starting point, wherever you are at in this moment in time, only and always, as this moment of time is all we have.
whether you are on a spiritual journey or just need a space away from a busy life, 
Breathe & Nourish
Each session we will journey through the 5 steps of meditation.
Cleaning the space,
opening and preparing the body through movement to release tensions, stagnant energy and sensations 
resting in Asanas with breath awareness
Over time, we will explore different hand mudras, mantras and styles of meditation. 
We will also explore sound meditation and I will also be offering extra
dates for an extra sound bath session. One of my favourite sessions.

Trying different “tools” will help you feel your internal energy,
find your flow, and ultimately the peace that resides within you. 

No judgements, only curiosity, observation and awareness.
Breathe & Nourish meditation is about being comfortable with just
“being” and to stop “doing”
As life gets so busy and demanding with work, families, commitments
that take you away from just being, it is now more than ever we need to
take stock, take back time for us to rejuvenate, replenish, be liberated.
Free of judgements from others and especially those we put on ourselves.

For your very best practice I invite you to join as a course and commit
yourself to you and put your well being first.
As your journey becomes more regular then so your awareness and
practice becomes deeper. So much so that meditation becomes the thing
you just do not want to live without. 
The busier you are the more you need to do this!

Regular meditation practice helps with mental clarity, releasing tension, stress, anxiety, chitta (busy mind).
Regular practice will help you to become balanced, calmer, with greater self awareness, more peaceful, better sleep, better quality of rest and sense of self and self empowerment.
The hardest thing is to go within, we will do everything we can to create barriers and obstacles and excuses, this is why I encourage you to book a course so you honour that commitment and start to build meditation into your daily life.
I will hold space for you, facilitate your journey, which will be unique to you, and each and every time will create different outcomes, thoughts, challenges, bliss and experiences.

Within the structure of the class I will support and encourage you to MEET YOU, find your inner peace away from external and internal pressures of life.

Being part of group meditation has an amazing collective energy
Or if you prefer you could opt for private meditation sessions