juicy inspiration

Generally when I juice, I just grab whatever is around, I make it up. It works pretty well and I genuinely like what I am tasting. I am not one for measuring, weighing or being precise when it comes to cooking or juicing. I like to experiment and just see what flavours I can make. NO RULES!

However being inspired by my client Lynda, who is a complete advocate to healthy living, I tried some recipes from Deliciously Ella,  I really love her books and now have them all.  but true to my own laziness or creativity, not sure which, maybe a bit of both!

I look at what she uses and then just add it in random proportions to what my gut is telling me, and throw it in. These 2 are a great summer cooling blend, and worth a try!

I really love the way juicing makes me feel. It really is an instant “hallelujah” song of rejoicing from my deeper inner self. I feel instantly more alive and my gut feels satisfied.

Whose juice recipes inspire you?

and how does it make YOU feel?



Green “Summer Cool Breeze” Juice by SGPilates

For a delicious green, creamy and fresh juice you may want to try this one out.

I often just throw together what ingredients I have and mix the flavours of what I love and this little combo works a refreshing tasty treat!!!

this will serve 2

all ingredients are organic for a super healthy and tasty juice

you will need a juicer and a blender

2 apples (I tend to use Braeburn)

1 pear

2 big handfuls each of spinach and kale

1 parsnip

chunk of ginger

1 small carrot

couple of stems of broccoli

1 whole lime

juice all the above and then blend contents with

1 avocado

1 banana

pour into two wine glasses and top with chilli seeds for a tasty crunch, it really does work well.

let me know what you think when you try it, it really is one of my favourites.

and go ahead, be creative!

play and mix up your ingredients and see what delicious varieties you can come up with.


Sue xx