5 tips to keep you on track for success

It’s that time of year again where we digest all that’s gone before, analyse where we are now and make plans or have ideas of where we want to go or what we want to be.

So, let’s take stock, notice what we would like to achieve from 2017;

Better health? Emotional stability? To be stronger? Healthier? Take time out for you and to find peace and tranquillity? Better job? Better relationships?

Whatever it is,

maybe these tips will help to keep you on track

1/ Make a realistic plan.

It’s ok to have a long-term end result goal but it’s important to have bite size piece goals. They are the realistic goals you can achieve short term.

2/ Get friends or family on board to help you.

Ask them not to try to tempt you to deviate from these goals.

3/ Journal your progress.

Note each time you take a workout, said no to a piece of cake, note your emotional triggers. This is a good one, as soon as you notice them arise you will know there is a danger point and you can then try to address this by getting ‘busy’, drinking more water if you feel hungry, or another form of distraction. Maybe doing 3 press ups or a round of 5 coherent breaths will help to distract your mind.

Remember the ‘stressed????’ blog I wrote before Christmas? Take a breath!!!!

(Here is a link to that blog if you haven’t read it or want to access it again. https://sgpilates.co.uk/2016/12/21/stressed/ )

4/ Be kind to yourself.

If you go off track that’s because you are human!!! Just be aware and notice, then take the next bite size piece to get you back on track rather than beat yourself up and give yourself a hard time. If you fall off it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the journey, as in the words of Taylor Swift “shake it off” and just take the next small step forward.

5/ Monitor and record data.

Make lists you can tick off so you can see your progress. This will feel like a reward for each tick you create off your list. The brain loves endorphin releases, that are created by each small win.

There are some great apps out there to help keep you on track.

Personally, 3 of my favourite apps are; headspace which I love for meditation. Also, fitness pal, to keep me on track of what I eat and how much exercise I am doing or not doing!! Plus, water balance app to make sure I am drinking enough throughout the day. Link them all through the Apple HealthKit to give you one easy place to track your progress.

Just remember to love who you are, honour the person you are and the struggles you have got through. You have the ability to change the way you think to help you, whether it is to lose weight, go to the gym, start a Pilates class.

Try something new, the brain likes to get excited and learn!

Good luck in 2017

May you always be happy and may you always be healthy

Sue 💕


Getting through the holidays stress free

The lead up to Christmas can be a stressful time what with making sure everyone is happy, the presents are all wrapped and under the tree,  the food is all ordered, the cards are delivered and so on and so on.

So, lets take five minutes to just BREATHE! Yes, simple advice BUT how many of us just take a moment, stop, consciously breathe and  get away from the thoughts that constantly invade us.Probably not many of us and probably not enough for those who are more disciplined.

Ok, so here goes….. stop, get comfortable, you don’t have to sit in a Lotus Position or on a meditation stool, just where you are, as long as you are safe!! Just be comfortable.

Notice your breath, what does it feel like?

On an inhale, where do you feel it? What parts of your body does it reach? How many counts do you take to inhale? Is it a different count from your exhale?

Can you make your breath coherent, same length for each inhalation and same count for each exhalation, (e.g. in for 4 out for 6)? A rhythmic breath pattern is the best breath pattern to make physiological changes to reduce stress and enable you to be more positive and efficient.

Notice if your mind wanders, and then just gently bring it back to focus on your breath. Don’t worry if your mind keeps wandering, notice and be kind to yourself and gently bring it back, everytime. Start with a minute or two of observing your breathing and build up slowly, so remember this is YOU taking time to be kind to yourself. Hey, no one is perfect. Great things take time and effort. Even breathing takes focus!

Try it, see how good it makes you feel.

And each time you notice any anxieties or worries start to arise then remember this is a skill you can use at anytime.

You can do it! You are everything you need!!

Lots of love and happy stress-free holidays.