My Pilates 1:1 sessions are specifically designed to help you with your goal. Whether rehabilitating an injury, sports specific training or wanting to be the body you were designed to be, I can help you by designing a programme that will get you results.

Sessions are held in my private Pilates Equipment Studio. Using mat, reformer, tower trainer, Pilates chair, and other equipment to help you with your goals.

Whether that is to learn the principles, rehab an injury, improve your practice, improve athletic performance, move your body more freely, practice somatics, strength, flexibility, mobility, resilient core or to de-stress. Feel your body, tune into its amazing self, calm the mind, focus and listen in to your intelligent self. Your body is always communicating with you – listen to what it has to say.

We work together to achieve the best your body can be in a healthy, intelligent and integrated way. Your body will thank you for it!

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