My 1:1 sessions are specifically designed to help you with your goal.

Whether you are rehabilitating an injury,  need sports specific training, or to find ease in your body, and find freedom in your daily movement.

Integrating body work with movement, using visualisations creating new neural pathways and perspectives to have a new experience,

I will meet YOU exactly where you are and move you forward at your pace.

Sessions are mostly held

online on zoom or in my private Pilates Equipment Studio in Woolacombe, North Devon.                               I am licensed to take your session on the dunes or on the beach. 

Sessions may also be at your venue

if you don’t live near it is the perfect holiday destination with 5km beautiful sandy beach and surrounded by national trust land so have a weekend away and nourish yourself with a program designed for you with as little as one session or we can create the perfect weekend program for you.

In the  private studio

I have 2 V2max STOTT reformers for duo sessions if you like to work with a friend or partner, wall tower, FKPRO straps, rollers, bands, balls, slings, weights plus much more or even just the simplicity of the MAT.

The benefits of a  private session 

  • to learn the principles of Pilates, Yoga or Garuda 
  • to rehab and to support you back from injury 
  • to improve your practice and get a deeper understanding of intelligent movement and learning new skills for everyday life as well as taking the tool box into your own existing training program
  • to improve athletic performance whether that is running, rugby, swimming to ballet and aerial skills- physically, mentally and emotionally
  • to be able move your body more freely, ease discomfort even when you have given up I can help you
  • practice somatics, strength, flexibility, mobility, to have a resilient core ( this does not mean just abs!!)
  • to de-stress and find more peace and mental clarity
  • Feel your body, tune into its amazing self, calm the mind, focus and listen in to your intelligent self. Your body is always communicating with you – listen to what it has to say
  • or have bodywork, sound or energy session
  • private meditations or sound healing and energy work including Reiki
  • Are you are already a teacher and want to work on your own technique or be mentored, helped with cuing and understanding a much deeper integrated training approach?
  • Are you on vacation and would like to continue your training at a high standard
  • Do you wish to create a  bespoke retreat with your group? or just for yourself?

so whether it is a work out, skills, rehab or coaching or a whole wellbeing approach that you need, we work together to achieve the best you can be in a healthy, intelligent and integrated way.                                                                                                Your body, mind and soul will thank you for it!

SGPSense Greater Peace with Soul Gratifying Practices 


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