There is no doubt that you’ll get the maximum benefit by attending regular Pilates practice, but that is not always easy to achieve. I have designed my weekly programme to give you the most opportunity to practice.

On those occasions when you can’t make your regular weekly class you are able to make up missed sessions within the same discipline and paid term (space may be limited therefore advanced notification of attending is advisable).

The ethos of Sue’s classes is to create a space where you feel curious to learn about you and your body. Safe in the knowledge that you will be cared for, encouraged, inspired, and comfortable enough to have fun while learning – enjoying the company of the dynamics of the whole class.

The intention is for you to come away feeling in control of your body, mind and life. The inspiration is for you to “be the body your were designed to be.”


Power Pilates

Faster paced, more like a workout, putting all your principles and Pilates training into a faster paced class with stronger exercises and move challenges.

This class is not suitable for beginners as it challenges the techniques you learn through practice.

This session is designed for the healthy, non-injured participant.

Pilates Intermediate

For those who want a little more challenge but not so fast paced.

Pilates General

For all levels, Pilates exercises given with multi-levels, infused with stretching and releasing exercises.

Pilates Slow Paced

For all levels with time to practise, limited flexion or seated exercises given with lots of advice and technique instruction.

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Barre Fit

Infusion of Ballet Barre leg and body workout, Pilate’s alignments together with traditional toning and core work which is low impact.

 Most exercises are standing and also use weights or resistance and contain:

  • Standing Abs and possible floor work
  • Interval Training sections to prevent overuse
Barre Flow

Slower paced, move flow and stretch

Barre Max

Cardio infused intervals for those who want a little more a challenge.

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