Zoom Online Studio

live teaching sessions so we can move together where ever you are!

please note the titles are merely titles and what lies within each session will be an integral practice of mind, body, soul work depending on many factors of YOU, individually and collectively, who shows up to the lives, who is enrolled, what is going on, the time of day etc 

This is why every session you do is always different.

this approach will also help keep your mind and body adaptive and engaged 

With so many various styles there is always something to chose that suits where you are, physically and emotionally and how you are feeling and with the added bonus of the recorded sessions to be able to chose the times that suit your own personal schedule so you never have to miss out from having a session.

Meditation and Journaling for Wellbeing Course  please contact me for more details 

please note this timetable may change slightly with bonus sessions added or focus on session


9:30-10:15 Power 45, weighted/band/HIIT/cardio low impact- faster paced, strong workout


7:00-7:55m Yoga Flow embodying and moving through Asanas use of optional props – strap, bricks, bolsters/cushions and blankets


8:00-8:45am Pilates Props – cushions, bricks, etc

7:00-7:55pm Integral Session Pilates/Garuda with relaxation


7:00-7:55am Yoga Calm– practice invokes peace, meditation, breath awareness, pranayama, restoratives

9:30-10:25am Pilates with focus on …core, legs, hips, each week will change


9:30-10:25 Garuda Flow – arc, curl, spiral, strength, focus, adaptability , faster paced, stronger workout

10:45-11:30 Restorative Reset stretch, mobilise, articulate, massage, breath, meditation, self care


plus additional bonus pop up 15 minute express sessions for when you are short on time-

cardio, weighted, Pilates, Reset, Meditation, Articulate

Speciality sessions – neck release, shoulder release, lower back release, hip balancing, beginners tips,

Pop up Sound Baths will be posted in the membership pages

for session descriptions https://sgpilates.co.uk/pilates-practice/regular-classes/

Speaker Event – Peter Dawson, Integral Practitioner

Pilates Studio £50

Yoga Studio £50

Pilates & Yoga Bundle £60

Single sessions £10

Meditation & Journaling Course – please enquire

Sense Greater Peace through Soul Gratifying Practices-SGP


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