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Hereford January 19th 2019

SGPilates Sue Dawson, (Franklin Method Educator, Somatic and Movement Practitioner)  Lucia McAuliffe, (Somatic and Gestalt Practitioner) come together to bring this fabulous workshop so you can get a better understanding of why you should know more about your pelvis, on a bio mechanical, somatic, energetic and emotional  level so that you can take control of your health and well being.  read more..


SG Pilates and Mindful Movement, Franklin Method Workshops


Healthy Knees

The Art of Change

Pelvic Power for Core Integration

Pelvic Floor

Breathing for Life

Abdominals- another approach

Relax Your Shoulders and Liberate Your Neck

The Psoas – The Bio-Intelligent Tissue

The Pilates Repertoire (intermediate/advanced)

The Pilates Principles

Pilates Flow

Release, Relax and Rejuvenate (self massage and acu point work)

Garuda Flow

Past Workshops



Franklin Method and SGPilates Course

hosted by Sue Dawson


next workshop Thursday 18th November 11:45am

Backwell WI Hall, Bristol



Pelvic Power Workshop

5 week course PLUS BONUS EXTRA ONLINE sessions

* Release tension and pain in your pelvis and lower back.
* Increase the flexibility of your hips joints for Pilates, Yoga, Dance and Life
* Learn pelvic exercises for strength, endurance and flexibility
* Experience dynamic core training for your pelvis
* Restore strength and stability for your pelvic floor

Mind & Body
* transform negative thoughts into positive ones
* create a mindful state, improve concentration and focus
* learn how to feel better
* create behaviours that benefit your brain
* dissolve beliefs which may limit your potential

Follow up Facebook secret page available you for one month after to keep you on track including reminders and notes.

~Investment £145
* includes
* a pair of Franklin Method Balls (worth £20)
* 5 sessions over a five week period
* secret Facebook page
* 3 mini live sessions on FB
* notes
* reminders
* meditation

Register your interest by emailing me on
Limited spaces


Workshop sessions give you the perfect opportunity to try different methods, techniques and learn about your body.

There will be workshops running throughout the year varying from Pilates, Mindful Movement and Embodiment, Franklin Method Workshops to Massage Techniques and Relaxation.

You do not need to practice Pilates to attend some of these workshops but the practice of embodiment will greatly improve your outcome. They will give you a great insight to how your body functions and feels.

 SG Pilates and Mindful Movement, Franklin Method Workshops

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