Back to our Root-  Franklin Method Meets Gestalt

IC:ME Workshops


Integral Connection through Movement and Embodiment 


The Fulcrum, the Manipura, the Hara, the Root, the Pelvis, the Bowl. 

It has many names and functions but what do we actually know about it?

Do we know how to look after it?

What does it actually do?

How do we get the best from it?

And why is it important?

Why do we even need to know? 

Sue Dawson a Franklin Method Educator, Pilates, Garuda, Somatic and Movement Practitioner and Bodyworker


Lucia McAuliffe a Gestalt Therapist, Somatic Practitioner and Bodyworker

Unite to give you an experiential workshop to improve your movement, your function, your empowerment, your knowledge to improve and understand how your emotional state affects more than just your mood.

Let us connect the dots for you and help you unleash your own bodies innate intelligence.

This workshop is one of a series of Workshops moving through the body. 

Each workshop will be a stand alone but together a powerful series of embodiment and knowledge to build on and integrate. 

Let Mind and Body Unite. 

Come and join us on this Franklin Method and Gestalt integration workshop 


January 19th 9:30- 5:30pm  – new dates coming soon


Clear Space Studios

First Floor 21 King Street


HR4 9BX 

new venues coming soon


Early bird  £99

Bookings after December 15th £125

or bring a friend £99 each

Who is this workshop for?

Ideal for Pilates, Yoga, Fitness and Health Professionals or Enthusiasts,
Bodyworkers and ANYBODY who is committed to their health and well being

What will be doing?

We will be touching on energetic work through energy centres(chakra), embodiment through movement, we will have visuals to help you understand movement of the bones, and help you understand how E-motions move or stagnate through the body and how that effects your well being.
You will walk away with an understanding of the pelvis, explore the best sitting and standing position, discover how the bone rhythms can help relieve pain and discomfort to the lower back, hips and knees, plus so much more!!!!

What do I need to wear?

Clothes that you can move easily in as you will be moving and lying down. e.g comfortable trousers, work out leggings and it is essential to wear or have several layers for body temperature control.

What do I need to bring?

Your self and a sense of curiosity
a water bottle, optional.
lunch, optional, there are places to eat nearby.
This is provided, but mat, blanket and pillow for relaxation if you prefer to use your own..

I cannot make this date or venue, what can I do?

Please let us know if you require information for future events

Alternatively, if you would like to host one of these workshops in your area or venue then please let us know.I

We would love to see you and enjoy this precious time with you, helping you to take a well deserved time out to nourish and restore, away from our normal busy lives.

IC:ME Come and join us, because WE SEE YOU!

Sue & Lucia 💕