Sense Greater Peace through Soul Gratifying Practices- SGP

SGP Sonic Bliss

Thai Massage

Enjoy a deliciously WHOLE BEING treatment. Starting with breath meditation to relax and reset the nervous system, followed by a deeply relaxing Thai Massage to soften muscles, tissues and joints, wringing out physical, mental and emotional bindings and restoring the mind and body toward balance and deep peace. Himalayan bowls used on or off the body for a sonic massage using vibration and sounds for the ultimate experience.

treatment may also include other instruments, and/or binaural beats, please enquire

Sonic Bathing

nothing to do but be still, surrounded by earthy & ethereal, outer worldly & oceanic sounds.

relaxation session for sensory indulgence, to lose the mind and find oneself

Sound Healing and Coaching for Wellbeing 4 Sessions

From a package of 4 treatments to work on releasing blockages, bindings and stagnation on emotional and unhelpful mental patterns that keep you stuck in a loop. Most times we are not even aware of what that is, or where it stems from. Let me guide you through this supportive and healing process, using sound vibration, frequencies, sound physcology, coaching, journaling to help support you to let go of past stories and even some traumas can fade away and resolve. Helping you to build confidence, direction and purpose.

I will meet you, exactly as you are, right now.

You will receive 4 sessions of 60-75mins, plus have a program to follow through the week that is achievable to help you stay on track.

Add ons are optional.

Single sessions are available at £85