ūü߆An altered state of consciousness is a temporary change in your normal mental state. In sound healing, you are bathed in sounds for a natural way to induce altered states for wellbeing and balance.

Sound healing can create trance like states which can help you experience different emotional expressions, resolve problems and some traumas, enhance mental clarity and acuity. It has been known to reduce pain and other symptoms, one can also experience unitary consciousness where the person perceives themselves at being at one with the universe.

You may experience altered states as dreams, hallucinations, shapes, colours, dissolving edges, time loss, mental clarity . You may have memories appear.

In a live Sound session, you may experience all or any of the above plus you may experience the sounds viscerally or become or get submerged in the sound.

Every session will always be experienced differently and everyone will experience the sound session different to each other. There is no right or wrong, there is only what is.

Brain Waves

In a therapeutic sound session, we are consciously working with sound entrainment, specific techniques and sound psychology to induce alpha, theta and delta brainwave states so we can help to kindle a specific response , example a relaxation response to help dissolve stress and therefore helping with stress related problems. Helping to revitalise our mind, body and spirit.

Gamma brainwaves suggest it is linked to a sharp focus, productivity and concentration.

Beta brainwave state is associated with concentration, alertness and focus. You are awake.

Alpha brainwaves states are prominent through relaxation, a meditative state, relaxed wakefulness state and upon deep self introspection. this can heighten emotions such as bliss, peace and tranquility.

Theta brainwaves is associated with the dream state, before deep sleep, here we can produce complex imagery and subconscious processing. even brief periods of theta can result in mental refreshment and may enhance our ability to process emotions and tap into our creativity and intuition.

Delta is linked to dreamless sleep and relaxation. This is a deep state of recovery for the mind and body.

When an aspect of our being’s vibration is altered, due to stress, tension or negative influences, a dissonant vibration manifests, generating vibrations which are no longer intrinsic to our natural vibratory rate. In this process of using sound psychology, brainwave entrainment, and altered states we can tap into our natural healing potential to aid and even overcome dissonance in our cells to gain optimal health and wellbeing

Sounds are created in the sound or gong bath to help bring you back into balance and harmony.

What’s on offer

One to one sound healing sessions, specific and bespoke to you

Group Soundbaths as a relaxation or therapy session with reflection

Corporate Sessions

Private groups

Retreats, (I can host at your event or book into a SGP Retreat)

Thank you for taking time to read this post, I really hope you see the value of self care and preservation. I hope to see you at a sound session soon!

much resonance

Sue xxx