Sound used as in a therapeutic session can entrain the brainwaves into different stages of sleep. This is essential for physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

By consciously playing the sounds I can induce a relaxation response helping to dissolve stress, anxieties, and revitalise our mind, body and soul. In this process we can harness our natural healing potential to bring our own vibration back into balance and resonance.

In a bespoke healing session, or therapeutic designed group session- sounds maybe played to encourage clarity and resolve, or to energise, stimulate or motivate, release tensions of the body or mind, create deep rest. Or support and allow the process of grief, to help enable you to release past traumas creating space for setting new healthier patterns to reform.

Many aspects can happen in the session, as the energy moves, stretches and contracts the system.

Silences during and after help to support reflection.


Group Soundbaths may use different combinations of instruments.

Himalayan Bowls, Gongs & Crystal Bowls

Himalayan Bowls & Gongs

Himalayan Bowls and Crystal Bowls

Drums and other instruments may be added, and even recordings of rain, rivers, birds underneath the live playing

Sound Immersion, Sound Guided Meditations or Sound Relaxation, or Specialised group sessions eg Yoga and Sound, Grief Support, Devine Feminine Soundbath etc.

You can book onto a session or event that is running or create a session in your group, yoga/ pilates studio, venue, holiday or retreat so please do get in touch


GongBaths is where almost the entire session is dedicated to the gong experience I have 6 gongs, varying in sizes and sounds, they are sometimes used all together but usually picked for an occasion

The gongs sound signature is often described as oceanic, and certain playing techniques can create whale or outer worldly sounds, powerful, deep, confronting, visceral, and can felt vibrating through the body.


Sound Healing

Bespoke session, we will talk about what you need, how you are feeling, what’s going on in your world, and I will check your bio-fields and see where you have any blockages, what’s holding you back, what is over active, and create and play to bring you back to balance, any of the instruments maybe used, some played on the body, over the body or to the side of the body, working through your auric bodies. Sessions can be a pure sound relaxation session OR an in depth healing approach supported by coaching, movement and massage therapy if needed.

Testimonials for Bespoke Integral Sound Healing

“I never understood what it was like to be me. I read that you can only find it by looking inside yourself, by truly loving who you are and where you have come from. But I didn’t know how to do that, I couldn’t quite my mind for even a few moments , or stop the voice which told me I was worthless, useless and unlovable. Until I started with Sue’s sessions, coming to them with the open honesty someone who just wanted to see what could happen or be achieved. Whether I cried, coughed, , talked or listened while Sue played her bowls, forks, gongs, it was the profound feelings of love, worth, courage and strength that I experienced in the sessions which taught me that I could feel those feelings toward myself. It wasn’t about what I said or how I explained myself, it was only about the feeling in the moment, when I had not felt good for such a long time. I have been moved to sadness by music many a time but never to joy and peace in myself. I wonder how many years it would of taken me to break those patterns of behaviours, or if I would have been free of them if I hadn’t of met Sue.”

— Issy, Director.

“It has changed the way I think. I have found new boundaries, more confidence in my decisions and actions towards others and myself.”


“I didn’t realise Sound therapy was a thing until I had my first session with Sue.

Sue created a calm, safe and serene environment and with her wealth of experience, played her bowls, gongs, forks, drums to unlock past emotions, clearing the way to create a sense of wellbeing and grounding. Sue provides you with the mindful tools and support to continue your Journey and live your best life. Thank you Sue for helping me make sense of my emotions, enabling me to live my life, to be proud, feel proud & to love myself again. So yes, Sound therapy is a thing!”

— GD Business Owner

Recently, I asked Sue to help me in a one on one session with back pain issues. The combination of various injuries and lack of sleep had led me to becoming so tight I was unable to relax, leading to more pain and lack of sleep.After carefully feeling my back Sue suggested using her tuning forks, I was sceptical but thought it was worth a try. The forks are quite large and give a low frequency. She placed the vibrating forks on various muscles and boney prominences and assessed my response. Slowly I could feel my muscles resonating to the vibrations, then they began to relax and after a while I could feel my body humming! within half an hour my pain levels had reduced by 80% and that night I slept for the first time in weeks. The benefits have stayed for weeks.