SG Pilates Retreats

What a fabulous weekend was had by us all on the SG Pilates Coastal Retreat, we were blessed with amazing sunshine on the North Devon and perfect sea state and wind conditions for paddleboarding as an additional treat.

We started our mornings with an early start with Qi Gong cleansing and strengthening the organs routine on the headlands with the perfect view. The energy created was just amazing. We closed each evening with a meditation. Sessions were Pilates, Garuda and Barre plus a Franklin Method Workshop about the Pelvis and Psoas. The weekend was a perfect balance of moving, mindfulness and play!

Every bite of our food was just super delicious thanks to our wonderful chef Stacey Fae Jones and her husband Will, the Gin Master!

So thank you to everyone that came, with their amazing energy, laughs and love and to everyone that were involved along the way, Stacey and Will Jones, Lucia Mcauliffe for the exceptional bodywork she provided, Darren  Sturgess, the man of musical talent and his handpan session, and of course my  wonderful husband for helping with the behind the scenes lugging equipment and listening to me checking over and over again I had everything in place! (for the many months in preparation and on the weekend!)

SGP me and LUcSGP paddleboardSGP grouppaddleboardbeachSGP Jump joy


Six full days of training from 9am to 6.30 pm at the Garuda Studios in London.
I feel amazing, I have spiralled and twisted, lengthened and undulated, hung upside down, pushed, pulled , flexed, extended on springs, straps, poles, paddles, bands and bricks.
I have trained with other instructors, coaches like myself from all over the world; Switzerland, Sweden, Korea, France , Brazil, Spain , Italy and Denmark.
What an enriching experience. A bonding of energies through movement. Our common ground.
Taking time to work on my own body for hours is such a privilege and a great reminder of how much my body loves to move. It’s something I have always done, from a young child to young adult learning martial arts, gymnastics, dance and athletics
Cycling around Europe in my early twenties. And then training To be a fitness coach from 1990. Competing In aerobic competitions just before I had my 2 beautiful babies, 23 years ago now! I still love teaching even now 28 years later.
I am so passionate about what I do, I am so passionate about helping others whether it is simply trying to be able to walk with ease after injury, be able to turn over in bed easier, to get rid of back or hip pain, to be able to reach up to the top kitchen cupboard, or whether it’s an athlete trying to gain more body awareness, more flexibility, more strength or balance, to be able to work well,so they get less injuries, to beat their personal goals and improve their PB’s. To a mother who just needs a break from the home and gain some ‘me time’. From the office worker who just wants to be able to be less stiff, or an insomniac to sleep better.
Movement should be a joy, a celebration, something that makes you feel alive and centred and connected back to your authentic self. A time to return home to the centre of your being. To escape the external pressures, a release of pent up frustration, pressures, rules.
Doesn’t that sound so amazing?! Is that your experience?
A reminder of the me time that is so important to our well being on so many levels and yet sometimes we got lost in doing stuff for everyone else we forgot about ourselves.
For me, that is true, sure I train and move everyday but I need that quality switch off time, where I go in my studio and shut out the world and just listen and honour my own bodies needs more. Yes more! I meditate daily several times a day if I can, sometimes for only short periods and sometimes hours but lets see if we can all make sure we stop and listen to what our bodies really need, not what we think we need, or what we have been told we should do or not do. To really stop, feel the response of what the body is really needing, more sleep? More flow? Better nutrition, meditation, family time, more space, less work, less online time. Get connected to the earth, grounding, barefoot outside. I was fortunate enough to rent a room for bodywork many many years ago with an inspiring man who taught me so much about earthing the self, he was so ahead of his time. Always so interesting, so thank you to him.

So guys, let make it our reality. Dance, sing, move and take time out.
Have a wonderful week 💕🧘🏻‍♀️GARUDA B HANG

So, what makes YOU happy? 

Happiness, is it a frame of mind?

An object? Money?
Having the latest new tech, designer clothes?

Or the perfect body? (Which by the way, doesn’t exist!)

Even someone who you consider pretty damn close to the ideal body, sees flaws in themselves.

So how can we be happy?

Happiness is a skill, it is a lifelong practice.

Have you ever noticed that you could look at yourself in the mirror and think hey, I’m looking good today, then moments later you totally just see yourself  in a completely different light. You haven’t changed but your view, your mind, has!!!

How we think and the way we feel changes all the time so everything we see also has a different value.

So knowing that, if we retrain how we think and feel can we then get the output we want, or at least closer to it?  In my opinion, yes we can!!

So let’s start to put this into practice. Every cell of your being needs to jump on board for real success.  It is not enough to think alone,  you must waken your body to feel it too.

Live it, breathe it as if it were already here.


How ? 

Appreciation and gratitude for you.

You are amazing aren’t you? Yes, yes, YES!

Naturally most of us are geared to finding something negative to focus on, its part of our ancient brain hard wiring, so when we notice we are doing this trey to switch it up and focus on the positive stuff, think about what makes you unique?

What are your qualities? Maybe you are kind or caring?  Fun, passionate or creative? Humble or calm or wild and crazy? Maybe you have amazing hair or the cutest nose or dimple? A voice that makes others want to listen to you forever.

Take a moment to sit peacefully and just think of things you can say make you uniquely you. See if you can increase the amount of positive attributions each practice.

Your amazing body. Show gratitude to your body for working, for being amazing! Feel blessed for the gift of life, movement, sight, speech, digestion and the ability to just even think about this.  Be thankful and appreciate what your body does for you. No matter what is going on or what you are going through, what does your body do for you? How it copes with daily tasks. These are just simple things we often take for granted, but these are our blessings. What other amazing things can you do?


The way you think 

The brain is like a recording device, if all you have recorded time and again is negativity, unkind words, frustration because you can’t do something, then guess what? That’s what you will keep on getting.

It’s time to change that recording, time to take back charge of how you want to feel? How you want to show up to those around you and the world. Lets create that.

Imagine you already have that, create the feeling inside you as if you already have it, what does it feel like? What does it look like. Really feel it, meditate and focus on that.

Start creating the future and the neural pathways and the energy around you that brings you that much closer to it .

So one of the previous blogs was “how to stay on track for being successful “This is applicable to staying on track to achieving anything and try put it into daily practice with the above suggestions and see what happens. Notice any change in your wellbeing, your mood, health and happiness.

Extend your practice and try to Journal your thoughts, desires and goals and write a list of things you love doing, that make you feel alive and make your eyes light up and make sure you do a least one thing on your list that invigorates you and lights up your soul.

Who are the people that make you smile, make you feel loved, motivate you, inspire you? Surround yourself with these people. Good mood is infectious!!!

Lovely people may you bring love, kindness, gratitude and appreciation to yourself . Maybe these little wisdoms will help lead you onto a path towards happiness. It all starts with you. Try it and let me know how you get on.

Good luck

You can do it. 💕

Sue xx