“I don’t know how -but you have us moving apparently very little and it seems to me to be (hideously and brilliantly) intensive! Thank you x.”


I don’t know how!

“As probably your worst, least flexible student I am happy to contribute a glowing testimonial to your patience. Sue took me on as a very unfit, overweight old codger with a broken rib and little flexibility.  Her classes are well structured and I am now far better than when I started, with a greater appreciation of my inner bits and how they work.  I would happily recommend this form of exercise to all and Sues’ class in particular – thank you for being so warm and friendly – a great experience and night out.”


From ‘unfit’ to ‘fit and flexible’

“A HUGE thank you. In just 8 terrific sessions, you have transformed my daughter. I just wished we had found you sooner as I’m sure we could have saved at least one of her root nerve blocks. Your clear, informative teaching has ensured she has the understanding necessary to self motivate and protect her damaged back. Not only can she light at the end of the tunnel but I can see the smile in her eyes. Thank you x.”


You transformed my daughter

“I love teaching this class, it’s a great for de-stressing, physical and even emotional release. Such a wonderful way to release emotions and move freely.”

Sue Gilbert

Why I Love Mindful Movement