Tuesday 10 May

Fluid – Sound Immersion 8pm-9pm £15
Sound Immersion celebrating fluidity,
sounds of water, gong and bowls for a deep trance like meditation

Fluid Yoga & Sound Immersion 7pm-9pm £23

Yoga with Crystal Bowls


This session is for anyone who would like to pause, relax, release tension- mentally, physically and/or emotionally and reset and restore back to balance with the support of Yoga, Breath and Sound Therapy.

Allowing ourselves time to pause and shift our states, lay down, surrender to some of the triggers and patterns we may have spiralled into. make room and space in ourbodies,mind and souls to shake off, set down and replace with more positive vibrations that support all our systems. Needed more now than ever. Spring forward into spring with a renewed sense of energy and vibration.

Feel held, safe and supported in this small class in a private, beautiful space in Broomhill Estate

Starting with gentle breath awareness and pranayama to calm the nervous system, then moving our way slowly through several nourishing restorative poses, finding comfort in the pause, finding acceptance of what is.

Crystal bowls with their pure tones and ethereal sounds, helping to create vibrations to move unstuck energy, to support the release and to comfort, hold and support your journey, there will be sacred silences for opportunities to release and reflect. Journaling is a wonderful addition to this practice, so please bring your journals and pens if you chose.

Sanctuary for your Soul Retreat Day


SATURDAY 30 APRIL 9:30am-1:00pm or 9:30-3pm at BROOMHILL ESTATE

join me at this beautiful nourishing event. Starting with a nourishing Yoga session to open our heart, balance our hip joints, mobilise our spines and shoulders, we will have an embodied breath awareness and gentle pranayama.

Followed by brunch. Yoghurt, fruit, pastries, cereal and chia pudding.

After a little stroll, come lie down and be bathed in sounds. The gongs sound signature is often described as oceanic, outerwordly, powerful and visceral. it will be accompanied by himalayan bowls which have a soft and warm sound signature.

Spend time in sacred silence where you can restore and reflect, walk around the gardens and art trail taking in the beauty of nature and art. listen to the sound of the birds. Write your journals or sit and enjoy the feelings you have evoked.

there is an option, to stay and have a 2 course lunch and indulge in the leisurely sumptuous day.

please get in touch if you need anymore information or book your tickets below, you can also purchase your tickets direct from from Broomhill Estate

I so look forward to sharing this beautiful day with you ❤️🙏🏼