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Would you like to

👉🏻gain confidence?

👉🏻feel better in your body?

👉🏻move easier and freer?

👉🏻feel empowered?

👉🏻feel calmer and have more clarity and insight?

👉🏻would you like more direction?

👉🏻know how to live your best life?

👉🏻and feel your best self?

👉🏻would you like to feel supported, seen and heard?

then this course is for you!

what is involved?

2 half hour private coaching sessions online

6 LIVE online WELL BEING sessions

plus 4 optional live sessions on the regular program

private FB Well Being page

where you can access recorded movement sessions – integral practices of mind body exercises including Pilates, gentle Garuda, Reset/Restorative sessions, Meditations and Sound Meditations,

simple recipe suggestions


tutorials on how to improve your wellbeing in order to


with tips and takeaway weekly practices for you to do to make sure you indulge deep into the practices putting them right into action, now.

“I want to invest in my wellbeing” – click here

“Sue has a great understanding of the body and the mind and how it is all connected. Her teaching uses great visuals for you to better understand how and what you are supposed to feel or not feel. the online classes provides a great variety classes, all dependent on ability or what your body feels on the day. I will also recommend Sue for individual sessions as her knowledge of the body will treat any potential issues you may have on a deeper level.”

“Sue is a wonderful teacher who takes care to learn about each and everyone of her clients. My body was in a real mess when I first started and what Sue has helped me achieve is an understanding of where, why and what can be done to help. I haven’t had any back pain since starting with Sue. I am eternally grateful.”  Jo B

“Sue is the best teacher I’ve ever had, because she gives you both know-how & know-what you need to look after your most precious assets: your body, mind & spirit. In over 25 years of work in the media I’ve experience of bodywork trainers from across the globe [including Tracey Anderson, James Duigan & David Kirsch] & Sue connects your body, mind & spirit like no other. You will feel alive, awake, aligned.  Generous, funny & warm she will empower and inspire you to be comfortable in the body you were born to be. “

“This is a tiny  email with a very big  “Thank you”, for a great first PT session yesterday!
I found your approach sensitive, deep thinking, far reaching, and just right  for me!
I have already started putting a lot of your advice into practice.” P, Physiotherapist

“I am finding so much peace within myself by doing your classes, and much better able to cope with life! Thank you for being you”, Alison

“Thank you…. I feel what can only be described as lighter! 
Thank you so much for helping me feel differently x” Sarah

“It’s amazing the long lasting positive effects that that incredible experience left me with and your gifted healing hands and energy.” Louise

A little bit about me, I am approaching my 53rd Birthday, I am a menopausal woman and mum to 2 grown up children.

I was a single mum for many years and I have lived a very full and colourful life. With amazing adventures and blisses but also through many traumas. These are some, and there are more!!

I had a car accident when I was 38 when I was in my prime athletic fitness, which left me in a critical state. With a very rare dangerous break to the neck, the same injury as our belated Superman hero, Christopher Reeves. That time I was truly blessed to survive. I do however have metal work and fusion to my neck which massively limits my spinal rotation and has knock on affects on my body and neural system as time goes on. At the time I was a single mum, and running my own business trying to work out how to survive and pay the mortgage and keep my business alive while I had to stop working for 4 months to allow my neck to heal from intensive surgery.

I had a labral tear to my hip joint 6 years ago, which meant I kept collapsing and couldn’t hold myself up sometimes or couldn’t move without sharp searing pain, which led me to study the pelvis in depth, I manage and still manage to steer away from surgery. The pelvis is now my favourite topic! and boy does that affect your whole body and mind, join me on any of my pelvic workshops to find out more!

I lost my first husband to cancer he was diagnosed only weeks before our wedding took place, we spent the day before our wedding in hospital not knowing if we could make it to our own wedding. Our honeymoon and our first anniversary. oh and so many months more we spent in hospitals and the hospice!! he passed away just over a year and a half after we got married. This was the most challenging, destructive time of my life, it was very painful to be part of that journey, it was a horrendous time and it totally wrecked my body, mind and soul in so many ways as the person watching and supporting him through the chaotic, harrowing journey he had to endure. My clients and my classes were my saving grace through this.

I am not writing this for sympathy, far from it.

What I am trying to share is how resilience and knowledge and an awakened awareness can get you through life! through the ups and downs of existence, of being human with all of its peaks and troughs, hills and valleys of daily life and traumas that get thrown your way. 

What my dream is, is to help you, to know how to move out of ” your stuff” to see how to move forward. To recognise that you hold all of that potential in your mind and body.  To find and tune in to your own innate wisdoms. 

to recognise that YOU  hold all of that POTENTIAL  in YOUR body and YOUR MIND.

you also hold the pain, discomfort, challenges and narratives in your body and cells, therefor your movement and posture is affected and no matter how much exercise you may do or not do or trying to think a certain way, you need to have a totally integral approach to how.

Learn how to change your narratives so you can move forward, and stop getting the same results.

I have been a movement teacher, bodyworker, holistic and energy worker  for over 30 years (see website for my training trail if you are interested) I am also meditation teacher and an educator.  And currently studying sound and how that has a physiological effect on your wellbeing. I have spent many years studying not just from accredited courses but many hours of self study from leading experts and all the knowledge I have gained from my 30 plus years of working with hundreds to maybe even thousands of people , gathering information and seeing changes! Seeing how people who want to make change CAN.

But the emphasis is on who WANTS to, who will put the work in, as you are ultimately responsible for you, but you need to know the right tools.(my job)

Let me help you do that. Take the guess work out, take the hunting and  searching out, let me share my knowledge and skills to help you. I am so excited to be able to offer this online so I can reach as many people from all over in this one little hub of network. where we can share group work and one to one privates to start your journey plus the sessions you get to do in your own time as many times as you want within the program.

All you have to do is be available, be willing, be curious and all you have to do is want to feel better and be better ! 

let’s do this ! TOGETHER 

Reach out now 

if you have that little bit of a feeling in your gut, a curiosity, a little bit of excitement in your solar plexus or a leap in your heart – listen, its saying  do it! 

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“thank you so much for this morning…. I love it so much! Perfect start to my day! My journal is nearly out of paper but I have plenty to move onto. Thank you for everything, you make a huge difference to many people. keep up the amazing work. Lots of love”

a clip from a live RESET session

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