What is Mindful Movement?

Mindful Movement teaches you ways to experience for yourself how your body and mind interact and align, and how that alignment creates a greater sense of how thoughts and feelings impact how you hold your body.

Sue integrates all the disciplines of Bodywork (massage, acupressure, Thai body, reflexology, Pilates, Yoga, Dance, Franklin Method, and Zenga) with the latest understanding of neuroscience. At the start of the class Sue takes time to listen to the students needs, emotions and feelings to make sure students leave their session feeling in a better mental and physical state.

These sessions incorporate focus and awareness on how the body and mind relate using visualization and emotive thinking to improve the function of the body. Attention is given to fascial releasing and the use of spikey balls to massage away tensions. Having released tensions and enabled the body to move more freely the sessions always close with a mindfulness meditation, relaxation and instructed breath work.

“I love teaching this class, it’s a great for de-stressing, physical and even emotional release.” Sue SGPilates

Discover the Art of Change – why it’s all in your body and mind

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